Artist Cyndee Howard describes her worldview as two-fold: ”the one within- whirling, dashing, jumping from thought to thought or emotion to emotion, and then one very still, very quiet, observing everything outside and around me while I try to remain invisible. One is very logical and mathematical, one very lyrical and mystical. Sometimes they meet.” This ideological stance produces work that embraces and absorbs a multitude of seemingly contradictory stimuli. Howard’s color infused, glossy prints on aluminum were shot with higher-end digital equipment and lenses, reflective materials, and the use of ambient light. The artist describes the process as an investigation into pushing the limits of shooting light for the sake of light, experimenting with aperture, focal settings, film speeds, camera shake, and other variations.


Cyndee Howard is a photographer living and working in Santa Barbara, California. Originally from Los Angeles, she studied fine art at UCSB, and chose to remain in Santa Barbara. She has photographed all over the world and has worked with many well known artists. She enjoys working with film and digital photography, and works in the “wet darkroom” with alternative methods of printing. Ms. Howard’s work is intended to evoke thought or reaction and not to “tell a story”.

Her work is in private and public collections.

Recent exhibits include the Contempory Arts Forum, Wall Space Gallery, Hotel Indigo and the Church Gallery.